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Our Services

Our services empower and support you in your fight against cancer

Second Opinion

  • Review your case from super specialized experts in USA
  • Get a personalized treatment plan
  • Know advanced treatment options
  • Explore clinical trials options
Treatment Facilitation

You focus on taking care of the patient while our team takes care of everything else to facilitate the best treatment possible for the patient.

  • Reach with us to the World’s best cancer hospitals at USA
  • Save time in identifying the right cancer center and doctor and getting an appointment for you, Time is not your friend
  • Get support for Visa/travel
  • Housing Options in USA
  • Transport support from Airport to Hotel

Clinical Trials Facilitation

Find Right Clinical Trial for you and support the clinical trial enrollment

  • Our expert panel have access to on-going clinical trials as lead investigators
  • Match clinical trials available at US recognized centers
  • We assess your case for its eligibility
  • Engage with principal investigator to enroll you in the clinical trial

Advanced Treatment

  • Access to novel treatments such as CAR-T therapy
  • Connect with the right treatment centers in USA
  • Support you to reach and receive the treatment that is suitable to your cancer type

What do our Patients say?

Silver lining, Awaiting Sunshine

Referred by - Previous Second opinion Patient

It was extremely good to talk to Dr B M (name anonymous ), He explained everything in very simple terms & tried to give me an all round perspective of the situation. Though I thought the prognosis in this case is not positive but he explained the possible options & eventuality in a very kind & considerate way. Please accept my heartfelt thanks to them for organizing such a renowned expert for our case.

Patient Mrs Kamla Devi, Gurugram

Cancer Type - Metastatic Endometrial Adenocarcinoma

Nothing but best is the gift to my Mother

Referred by – Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit (Medical Oncologist, New Delhi)

Ours is a challenging case, rare Lymphoma T cell lymphoma, overall limitation in treatment options in India & transplant at old age was difficult.
We approached Whiteswan team for global expert consultation from best expert & best institute.
This gave us confidence that we have taken best possible consultation for my mother’s case, we also got direction & came to know treatment possibilities.
Whiteswan is v professional, the p re- work, setting up time with the expert was done in a timely manner. The expert was well aware of the case, they discussed on telecom with my doctor & other family members attended all questions nicely. Finally the summary
Report was well documented. We could reach out to other experts further within Indian whenever next required.
Even my oncologist feels that when we get stuck, discussion with doctors who are best in the world from the comfort of our home is a great way to manage the case.
Such an advice could otherwise be out of budget & out of feasibility for me.

Patient Name: Mrs Maharani Sharma, Mumbai

Determined to Win

Referred by – Padam Shri Dr. Suresh H Advani (Medical Oncologist, Mumbai)

White Swan team helped me when I was in extreme distress due to side effects and disease-related stress. The second opinion was very enlightening. It gave me confidence. The expert and team both are friendly and helped me until I was fully satisfied.

Patient Ms Agarwal, Jharkhand

Cancer Type: Non-hodgkins lymphoma

Hope that crossed the Oceans

Referred by – Padam Shri Dr. Suresh H Advani (Medical Oncologist, Mumbai)

Very satisfied and delighted to have received the service or second opinion and appointment consultation support for my mother at USA. It has been extremely friendly and directional for my mother’s treatment.

Patient Mrs Dutt, Punjab

Cancer Type: Breast cancer

Trust to keep moving on

Referred by – Dr Akshay Shah (Medical Oncologist, Mumbai)

Indeed many thanks for the initiatives taken by white swan team since the beginning of our matter. We will always be grateful to you and your team.

Patient caregiver of Mr Tailor, Rajasthan

Cancer Type: Recurrent Medulloblastoma

The Iron Girl from Gujarat

Referred by – Padam Shri Dr. Suresh H Advani (Medical Oncologist, Mumbai)

Thank you very much mam.. it was an extremely fruitful and satisfying discussion.

Patient caregiver of Ms Thakkar, Gujarat

Cancer Type: Carcinoid of Left Lung

A son’s Fighting Spirit

Referred by – Padam Shri Dr. Suresh H Advani (Medical Oncologist, Mumbai)

I would like to thank you and your team for the conference call and the guidance necessary for my mother’s treatment. The doctor has suggested a treatment plan and some other tests based on which next chemotherapy treatment would be decided.
I was really very happy to see that the senior expert could personally attend the conference call. Thanks

Patient caregiver of Mr Bhutani, Mumbai

Cancer Type: Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas

A Sister’s Story

Referred by – Padam Shri Dr. Suresh H Advani (Medical Oncologist, Mumbai)

I’m doctor Sneha sapkal from Mumbai. We took world-known experts’ opinion for my sister from white swan institute recently. My sister is suffering from leimyo sarcoma , the dreadful and progressive disease as all of you know. Her treatment recently is going on with renowned doctor in India, we are very satisfied with the treatment but as the nature of disease is progressive, we decided to take the expert opinion from the best doctors from the USA. White swan as we all know is the best institute working for cancer patients. They are working as a middle man between us and expert doctors. The team of white swan helped us through the process.
The process was taking documents from us,arranging them properly, sending them to experts, and making choice of the doctor who is perfect for the patient and disease.
These all work the team did excellently. I will specially mention, Mrs. Rajshree who took a lot of pain, she arranged all from both of us, the doctors from India and USA. In our case the work, the did was too perfect. The expert who took our case in US gave us hope regarding my sister’s condition. She suggested us best recently available treatment worldwide.
She encouraged us not to lose hope at this stage. We are very thankful to doctors as well as the white swan who gave us opportunity to interact with world’s best experts. I and my family give best wishes to white swan institute for their upcoming success. I hope more and more people get benefitted from such a noble work they are doing.

Patient caregiver of Mrs Madhuri, Mumbai

Cancer Type: Leiomyosarcoma

Why White Swan Healthcare?

Cancer is manageable & treatable. Every cancer type is unique & poses a different challenge. But timely advice from an expert can make this path easier.

Excellence in personalized Cancer Patient care

  • We understand each patient will require a different approach.
  • Our tailor-made approach for every patient makes us a well – known name in USA

Empathy & Ethics

  • We know that you come to us with an acute amount of fear and confusion.
  • Our practical style and clinical empathy, has made our patients feel confident.


  • World Renowned Super Specialists from USA on panel
  • We bring our second opinion expert to discuss the case with your current doctor together on a call.


  • White Swan team assures you telephonic support throughout the process
  • White Swan team is always available to solve your doubts
  • Reduce the burden of travel to USA, visit the doctor at USA only when required for special treatment options.